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The Wedding Hat Guide

If you have ever been to or seen a video of a Royal Wedding, you know that wedding hats are the only piece of attire that is spoken almost as much as the bride’s dress. Hats are part of British wedding tradition for women. As with anything about women’s fashion, there has to be a lot of attention to detail when choosing the perfect hat for a wedding.

This article will try to guide you on how to choose the perfect hat for a wedding and how you can wear it best.

1. Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you are considering hiding your untamed hair under the wide brim of a hat, you may have to take a few things into consideration. Although big hats are considered very fashion-forward and exude an air of sophistication and mystery, the time of day dictates what size of hat you should wear. What many people forget that the practical purpose of a hat is to protect your face and neck from the blaring rays of the sun. With this in mind, it is considered vulgar and extravagant to wear a large-brimmed hat early in the morning or in the evening when the sun isn’t out. As a rule of thumb, the size of the hat should decrease as the day goes by. Read more »

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How to Take Care of Your Hats

Long gone are the days when hats were only worn by men and women in uniform or baseball players. It is an accessory and a much-needed one at that. They are a great investment, just like expensive jewelry or a beautiful pair of shoes, and you would want it to look its very best for as long as possible. Which means, your hat needs plenty of TLC.
By taking good care of your hat it can last you your whole life. Here are tips to take care of, and clean, your hats, increasing the longevity of it and keep it looking fresh and brand new. Read more »


Beard Hat – New Trend Setters!

Have you ever wondered about the beard hat which are hitting the fashion streets these days? These are really getting into vogue. In winters, these have a special demand. Beard-Hats the best way to keep your head and face warm. So, these allow you to keep your face warm and do your daily chores without being restricted to a particular area as happens when you use a heater. So, what kind are these actually? Let’s have an overview of this piece of art which has blown people’s minds and have set a new trend in vogue. Read more »