The Andean alternative chullo caps

Now that winter is coming (in the northern hemisphere), time has come to talk about small woollen hats that are popular in the Andes mountains. They are small, they are really warm, and its name is written in Quechua, the language of the defunct Inca empire. Yes, I am talking about chullo caps.

Given their origin, chullo hats (or just Chullos – check the pronunciation here) are common where the Inca empire existed: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. All of them were hand-knit originally; but nowadays machine knitting has eased and added more variety to their production.

The origin of Chullos is still a matter of controversy among scholars. Most seem to agree that Chullos are as old as the pre-Inca civilizations that developed in the Andes mountains; others state they are an Inca headgear; while others state that Chullos began being knit after the arrival of Spaniards to America (as an adaptation of a European garment, maybe a cap).

Historians may take a while to research and reach a conclusion, so let’s focus on the hat itself. Chullos are pretty, warm, colorful and so different to other caps it is worth taking a look at them in greater detail.

What Are Chullos Made From?

Peruvian hats are all made from wool. There were not sheep in the Andes before the arrival of Spaniards in the 16th century, so Chullos are traditionally made from llama, alpaca and (rarely) vicuña wools. Now-adays you can also find chullo hats made of sheep wool, but they are still uncommon. Most of them are made of llama or alpaca wool. Using baby alpaca wool to knit them would make them finer and more valuable; while using vicuña wool would really make them a luxury item. During the Tawantinsuyo (which was the name of the Inca empire in Quechua), only an Inca and his family were allowed to use vicuña in their garments because vicuñas give very little wool, and you need to fleece many of them to get enough wool to do anything. Read more »


The mystery behind Akubra Hats

The first thing, or better to say, the first place that comes to mind when speaking about the concept of Akubra and the hats Akubra is, of course, Australia. Australian hats have been “born” in this country and gaining popularity over time, have crossed the borders of other countries, among them North America.

But what are Akubra hats like? How did they appear in fashion, especially in Australian fashion? What material is used to make them? What is the right way of preserving them for a long time without having them damaged? Find the answer to these and many other questions regarding the famous Australian hats by reading on and revealing the mystery behind these uniquely styled hats with us!

The Origin of Akubra Hats

The term “akubra” came into use around 1912 and derives from an Aboriginal language word that means head covering, a hat. In 1925 Akubra officially became an Australian brand name led by the son-in-law of a famous cap manufacturer known in the 1870s. The company became incredibly popular since the time it started producing its Australian hats. The term itself has become used for these caps by this company.

Despite the fact that the company produces other types of hats, it’s the Akubra styled hats that have become its symbol. The hats have acquired such a great popularity that people use the term Australian to refer to any hat of that kind regardless of the manufacturer.

These caps come in different styles and sizes and are especially worn in the rural areas of Australia. But how are these hats made? What material is used in their production? Keep reading to find out the answers! Read more »


Beard hat with beanie

Have you ever wondered about the beard hat which are hitting the fashion streets these days? These are really getting into vogue. In winters, these have a special demand. Beard-Hats the best way to keep your head and face warm. So, these allow you to keep your face warm and do your daily chores without being restricted to a particular area as happens when you use a heater. So, what kind are these actually? Let’s have an overview of this piece of art which has blown people’s minds and have set a new trend in vogue.

What is a beard hat? The name is itself indicative of its meaning. It’s a hat like a beard, for your beard and worn like a beard. That’s classic, isn’t it?

History and Invention of Beard Hats

This innovative fashion work was invented by Jeff Phillips born in Canada. He’s winter devotee and is passionate for snowboarding. As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. A similar situation occurred to Jeff. Jeff was pursuing powder runs all around the world when in late 2006 he came up with his first ever make-shift Bearded. He did all this while he was on the top of the Blackcomb Mountain in 7th heaven.

It’s nothing to wonder about that how different the first sample would have been. It was far less than what it has been now refined too. It was far away from the word perfection. The very first model was made using an old woven scarf with a hole in it. Since the hat was hand-knitted, it proved to be very effective in cold weather and areas of high altitude. Therefore it proved ideal for people living in northern areas and for the hikers. Read more »


Straw Boater Hat

A long road trip, a day at the beach or pool, a garden tea-party, an elegant evening out under the skies, a river boat trip – these are all images that scream summer. And a boater hat is unquestionably cheerful and perfect for sunny days.

Furthermore, for all these events, you can express your sense of style any way you want and wear a magical boater hat to top off your outfit – it will make you look glamorous, even if you are dressed casually and just heading into town to run errands.

A brief history

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was raised in an orphanage and taught to sew. She designed this humble hat in her twenties and she brought it to new fashion heights, just as she did with jersey fabric. Her nickname, Coco, came from her brief career as a singer when she sang in clubs such as Vichy and Moulins.

She was one of the most influential and innovative fashion designers of all times. With her trademark suits and little black dresses, Coco Chanel created timeless designs that are still popular today. She herself became a much-admired style icon known for her simple yet sophisticated outfits paired with great accessories, such as several strands of pearls and off course, her hats. As she once said: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not a luxury.

She opened her first shop on Paris’s Rue Cambon in 1910 where she started out selling her hats. But, her break came in 1912 when French actress Gabrielle Dorziat modeled her hats in F Noziere’s play ‘Bel Ami’. The publicity ensured that her hat line took off. Read more »


Kentucky Derby Hat

The Kentucky is here. Luckily, you don’t need to travel to Kentucky to actually experience the festivities. Lots of people host watch parties in their homes and allow guests to dress stylishly. What if you get an invitation to one of these parties and are in desperate need of a hat? What is a Kentucky Derby Hat anyway?

Unfortunately, women have a more difficult time of selecting the proper hat. If you’re onsite watching the race, many women wear gigantic flamboyant hats. For those socialites, it’s important to wear a unique hat that no other lady will be wearing. It’s a competition, of sorts, perhaps with more stakes than the race itself.

Luckily though, if you’re staying local and going to your friend’s barbeque, you don’t have to spend $1,000 on a signature designer hat. You can if you want to, but you’ll probably be better suited with something else.

Women’s Kentucky Derby Hats

There are two main options for a women’s hat. Your choices are big floppy hats or tiny fascinators. You could wear whatever you wish, there are no hard rules governing the correct head coverings. The feeling we’re going for, however, is to copy what we see on TV.

There are many other types of hats which look appealing on women, which could pass as a nice attempt. A cloche hat or a Bretton come to mind. They’re perfectly wonderful hats, and you should just wear it if it makes you feel confident. In general, if you’re going to steer away from the trend, make sure what you select has a bow or flower on it, as that’s the real Derby style. Read more »

Casual, Elegant, Wedding

m1 cap

One of the fields that both men and women give more importance in their life is beauty, fashion, and style. People always love to look good when they are going outside and even when they are at home. Men and women are ready to sacrifice anything in order to look better. People are beauty conscious and they give more time to get prepared when they go out to attend a function or even if they go out just for a fun. Both men and women these days not only look at looking good but also make sure to wear dresses and other things including shoes, watch, specs, hand cover, bags, etc to match with their overall look.

People love wearing hats and you can observe both men and women wearing a variety of hats as paper various seasons. You can find a number of hats producing companies and brands at the moment because people are fond of buying as well as using hats in order to make their fashion or style the best. Without a doubt, a hat is a stylish fashion accessory to put on for winter, spring, summer, fall & even when you are traveling. You can get hats for different seasons like winter, spring, summer, and fall. It is not only a stylish fashion accessory but also come as an important material that protects your head from the hot sun, dew drop, rain, and cold.
Here are some effective tips that help you to understand how to change your hat style for various seasons:

Hat in the Winter Time

The hat is possibly the headiest accessory in a well-dressed man’s and woman’s arsenal as it can make a swaying or an incredible impression. There are many hats available in the market that should be used in the winter time. When wearing a hat in the winter, you should pair it with your coat, sweater, cardigan, and scarf. Ensure to choose a color that matches many winter pieces in your wardrobe. Choose a hat that lets you beat the winter chill and cold. Canvas Wildfowl Cap, Chook/Toque, Hunter’s Orange Knit Hat, Knit Skiing Hat, Wool Packer Hat, Cossack, Bomber Hat, Stormy Kromer, are some of the best hats suitable for winter climate. Knit Hat, Knit Skiing Hat, Wool Packer Hat, Cossack, Bomber Hat, Stormy Kromer, are some of the best hats suitable for winter climate. Read more »