How to look good in a fedora hat

What is Fedora Hat

The Fedora Hat is made out of felt and has a wide brim, ribbon, and crown that is pitched and indented. The most widely sought colors are dark brown, gray, and black but of course, it can be made in any color. Although it has gone out of fashion several times throughout history, but been and will be the most stylish hat ever. In today’s fashion scene a lot of women are adopting this casual and cool looking accessory, nevertheless, fedora hats for men is a popular trend as it gives off a fancy vibe to and goes with all types of clothing fashion. Amongst all the other men’s hats, fedora is the only one that looks stylish with formal tuxedos just as it does with a floral beach shirt and Bermudas.

fedora hats for men
Simplicity Mens Cool Fedora Trilby Hat Pinstripe with Black Band

How to look good in a fedora hat

1. Choose the Right Style

The style you choose for yourself completely depends on your face shape. Some styles lengthen or shorten a face, and some add greater width to the forehead. You really need to figure out which style complements your face structure. Hats are a miss or hit for individual people so it is quite crucial to get the right style to look fabulous. Cameron Diaz, for example, has a wide and round face and the best style for her is to have a slightly upturned, irregular brim and raised crown to let help give an effect of a slim face.

2. Work with your Proportions

When choosing a fedora, it is important to keep your body proportions in mind, your shoulders especially. If you are petite, medium to small scaled hats will look nice on you without overpowering your body structure. If you want to make yourself look smaller, go for big hats. If you are plus sized, bigger fedora hats will suit you.

3. Opt for Versatility

Neutral colors go with everything and can be paired with almost all clothing styles from casual to sporty and classy. Getting fedoras with versatile details will allow you to wear them season after season. Also, start experimenting with fedoras that reflect your personality. Trendy or romantic fashionistas look good with stylish sideband detailing, whereas two-toned hats compliment classy girls.

4. Wide or Small Brim

If the brim or your fedora is small, tilt your hat towards the back of your head, and leave the front of your brim to sit on your forehead. If the brim is wide, let the hat sit directly on top of your forehead.

Fedora Hats for Women

fedora hats for women
Short Brim Paper Fedora, Natural with Black Band

A fedora hat gives a classy, sophisticated and stylish look to up-class beauties. They are ideal for office ladies, professionals, trendsetters, tomboy lovers and creative fashion bloggers. They make the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Fedoras can be matched with other chic items such as long tunics, statement outerwear, black leggings, skinnies, and a pair of stilettos. For summer wear, fedoras can be paired with denim shorts, light tank tops, and flat sandals. To go with your neutral colored fedora, you can even add a feminine touch with strappy heels, skirts, ruffled or ruched blouses and other statement jewelry. Celebrity fashionistas like Lindsay Lohan Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Nichole Richie have all been spotted with fedoras.

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