do snapback hats have sizes

Do Snapback Hats Have Sizes

Snapback hats give existence to a new era of modern styling. Although they get fame among all age groups but still do snapback hats have sizes for everyone?

Interestingly, snapback hats have become a trendy fashion over a few decades. In short yes, due to the immense popularity of snapback hats, you can have different sizes for your favorite hat. From what does a snapback hat mean or how do you wear a snapback hat to what size do I need, we will unveil every detail that is stopping you from buying your new hat. Although, with so many available options you can wear your snapback hat based on your style and can choose or customize it as per your taste.

What does a snapback hat mean?

Before heading to in-depth about styling, sizing, and customizing the snapback hat, we suggest you have some basic knowledge about what does a snapback hat mean? Typically, similar to other modern era hats such as dad hats and trucker hats, Snapbacks hats are also the type of baseball cap with a slight variation in name due to its adjustable strap fitted at the back and can snap together.

what does a snapback hat mean
Showing a gray snapback hat

It is assumed that after the evaluation of the fashion industry everyone is trying to bring new trends while redesigning the old traditions. The same case goes with snapback hats, in 90s hip hop stars such as Tupac and Ice cube bring the demand and gained the popularity of these hats to the world while experimenting with their styles.

For many people, they think that these snapback hats have emerged during the 90s times, but these flat-brimmed hats are a redesigned version of early baseball caps with a touch of modern style. Hence, their demands are replacing the requirements of baseball caps and thus enable the people to wear them on different occasions. It is hard for a person to have a wardrobe without having this iconic brimmed hat in it. Yes, you heard us right, these hats have succeeded their way to fit into everyone’s wardrobe and became the essential accessory throughout the year used by the people during different events. Hence, today you will find the different styles and sizes for your snapback hats.

If you are still confused about what does a snapback hat means then we have listed down some of the unique key features of this modern yet classy hat style for you to understand. These features include:

  • The Adjustable Strap

During your time of figuring out about a snapback hat, the first characteristic you should look for is an adjustable strap. The type of closure on the back of this hat is made from plastic and can be adjusted by buttons in the back. This is what makes snapback hats perfectly adjustable for your head. Thus gives everyone a size-fit solution. In contrast with Dad hats, which typically made up of Velcro or metallic closure, fitted hats have no closure at all.

  • The Brim of Snapback hats

Regardless of the dad hat style which contains a pre-shaped round brim, these traditionally designed snapback hats hold a flat, wide brim to easily fit your head in it.

  • Front Panels

During the initial days of this modern hat, the design contains an 8-pannel feature. However, with improvisation and more demand for modern-day designs, the snapback hats contain a 6-panel design feature. To enhance the more prominent design, the front panel has a structured and stiffness layout on snapbacks.

  • The Fit and Size
The fit and size of a snapback
Showing different fit and size of a snapback hat

In contrast to the claim that these snapback hats provide one size that fits for all, the general design of snapback hats give fitted solution to people with average size head. Hence, it is important to avoid the snapbacks that are either too tight for your head or too loose that cover your ears, eyes, and make you uncomfortable. Usually, shops are delivering the snapback hats in three sizes i.e., small-medium, medium-large, and large- extra large.

Wearing the snapback that fits your head and styling it depends upon your desire look you want to achieve. Typically you style these hats by wearing it backward, forward, or slightly angular to any side.

  •  Styling your Snapback hats

We had discussed the depth of detail on how do you wear a snapback hat? But for now, you can style your hat in as many possible ways as you want. As these snapback hats are available for both men and women in high demand with a variety of designs, patterns, and colors that give everyone a chance to experiment with the look and slay in it. From picking a basic color hat for a casual gathering to go for wild design patterns to stay unique and different, you can have them on based on your mood.

How do you wear a Snapback hat?

For those who are still outdated and are not aware of what’s popular and trendy in the fashion chart, then they need to revise their fashion statement by adding snapback hats to their list. Yes, these hats are in style now with a boom. From the era of modern times where oversized T-shirt along with baggy jeans was so popular these hats was the cherry on the cake. Still, these hats are worn by the people with contemporary clothing to give an edgy and stylish look.

Over time, the trend of wearing snapback hats has improved. You are no more bound to wear them on hip hop parties or any loud music festival. However, wearing the right snapback hat in the right way at the right place is still a long head discussion you should learn. Hence, we will help you in styling your snapback hats with our pro tips, so you can avoid fashion faux pass and don’t look outdated. We are sure that these tips will help you in making a statement at any event with a swag.

  • Choosing the Right Snapback hats
choosing the right snapback hats
Showing a selection of choosing snapback hats

First thing first, ask yourself, what snapback hat you should pick? And select the hat that matters to your taste and type of event. Considering both your style personality and event try to pair the design with the available options. After the answer to your first question, ask yourself again about the look you want for the event? This way you will have the hat that will be right for you.

For instance, if you are a sporty person then having a snapback hat with a team logo could be your first choice, but try to have a minimal aesthetic appearance. If you are still unaware of the event we suggest you stick with the basic yet classic design and colors. These basic colors can go long way with any outfit you wear.

  • Wear your Snapback with style
wear your snapback with style
Showing a man with a wearing snapback with style

The classic yet always in trend style of wearing a Snapback hat is with the brim that faces in the forward direction. In contrast, to wear as backward, wearing it forward gives a cleaner appearance even during casual events. Another way can be wearing a hat with a slight angular side while pairing it with any hip-hop outfit or any casual and smart attire.

Here is another free tip for you if it is not the right season no worries we have you covered, we have an article that can help you chose the right hat style.

  • The don’ts – Things you should avoid with a Snapback hat

There are few rules that one should take seriously regarding when it is inappropriate to wear a snapback hat. Few of these includes:

  • Don’t wear Snapback hats during formal or business wear
  • Don’t bend the peak of your hat. Peaking it will look awkward and unsuitable
  • Bending to a minimum to structure the shape can be done but it is recommended to keep the Snapback to its original shape.

What size hat do I need?

what size hat do I need
Showing a diagram of a what size hat

To get a deeper understanding of what size hat do I need? you need to measure your head size. This way you can have the exact numbers for your hat that fitted you properly. {hat_size.png}

Follow these steps to provide by hatsunlimted to get yourself a tape measure:

  • Pick a flexible material such as cloth, fabric, or any bendable plastic.
  • Wrap the material around your head. Make sure you measure it above your ear or to the area where you wear your hat.
  • Although it is all about personal choices we recommended the good spot to measure your size is the widest part of your head. This part often has the best fits.
  • After measurements consult with the chart mentioned below.

Tips to measure, what size hat do I need to provide by fashionable hats will take you to the right dimension:

  • Make sure to measure it several times to ensure accuracy.
  • Neither pulls the tape too tight nor too lose
  • I fall between two sizes we suggest you finalize the larger size

What size are most hats?

To understand what size are most hats? You have to begin with the options of available sizes and then compare it with the hat size chart to understand. For your guidance, we have pastedown the size chart by as a reference. However, there are few considerations to make while using the size chart. Such as:

Important Note:

  • Since the head size and shapes are quite different from region to region. However, there is still a standard size for males and females. Globally, the common male size for a hat is 7-⅜ and for females, this average hat size lies at 7-¼.
  • This size chart is for general purposes and can be used as general references. Hence, the fitting and size can be varied depending upon the designer brand, the material used in it, hairstyle, and design constructed.
  • Typically the Adjustable and One-Size-Fits-Most hats can fit up to XL size or 7-⅞,
  • There will be two different size charts one for adults and the other for youth. So make sure to reference the correct chart while comparing it.

Adult Size for hats:

Size In. cm
XS 6 5/8 20 3/4 53
S 6 3/4 21 54
S 6 7/8 21 1/2 55
M 7 22 56
M 7 1/8 22 1/2 57
L 7 1/4 22 3/4 58
L 7 3/8 23 59
XL 7 1/2 23 1/2 60
XL 7 5/8 24 61
XXL 7 3/4 24 3/8 62
XXL 7 7/8 24 7/8 63
XXXL 8 25 1/8 64
XXXL 8 1/8 26 1/2 65

Youth Sizes for hats:

Size In. cm
S 6 1/8 19 1/8 49
S 6 1/4 19 1/2 50
M 6 3/8 19 3/4 51
M 6 1/2 20 1/4 52
L 6 5/8 20 3/4 53
L 6 3/4 21 1/8 54
XL 6 7/8 21 1/2 55
XL 7 21 7/8 56


Over time, snapback hats are getting popular. Due to the One-Size-Fits-Most feature, these hats have successfully succeeded in getting the space in everyone’s wardrobe. These hats are modernized versions of baseball caps that have an adjustable strap that can be snapped easily at the back.

Hence, you can wear these hats with your hip hop baggy jeans or with casual attire at any time. To avoid the mess people prefer to style these hats in almost every informal, causal event throughout the year. Regardless of any hats, you choose it is important to have proper measurements.

The correct measurement can lead you in the right direction and help you in stylizing your style as a statement. Hence, with some tips of dos and don’ts, you can wear your Snapback hat with a swag. And we are sure choosing the right snapback hat will not be tricky anymore.


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