Where are Brixton Hats Made

Where are Brixton Hats Made?

The love for Brixton hats excites the people belongs to the hat industry as a hobby or profession for longer. Yet very few know about where are Brixton hats made.

Typically, the Brixton hats are the popular and in-demand hats that are made in California. However, the name Brixton was derived from the old song “the Clash” or “the guns of Brixton” that depicts the Brixton riots during the 1980s at Brixton, district of south London, England. Hence, to keep the culture of old classic England, the original Brixton brand is serving its officially hand-made Brixton hats worldwide. Though, to make things more accessible globally, many third-party companies are delivering Brixton hats.

 About Brixton and Brixton Hats

To continue the journey of how this million-dollar revenue brand is serving society with its masterpiece collection, let me take you a few decades back where the idea of launching the Brixton brand was at its early stage. While unfolding the questions of the Brixton brand journey we will uncover, Where is the brand Brixton from? Who is the owner of Brixton? What is a Brixton hat? And where is Brixton based? Hence, moving step-by-step history provided by everipedia.org, we continue our Brixton hats journey.

Where Is Brixton Based?

The name of this apparel company was derived from the Old British punk band, “The Clash” while inspired by their song “The Guns of Brixton”, the song was a tribute to the legendry Brixton Riots of the 1980s, featuring the inspiring character Ivan. An anti-hero who was an inspiration from a reggae-infused film “The Harder They Come.”

Initially started as a headwear brand, their only focus was on bringing the old culture through a combination of modern impact while making it unique for the people. Hence, their accounts were active with two businesses Surf Ride and Rideshop that they developed to create a long-lasting healthy relationship with TransWorld. With the tireless effort of five years, sooner this brand successfully manages to expand its business from headwear to other apparel such as jackets, accessories, flannels, and all types of other unique apparel.

Where Is the Brand Brixton From?

The Brixton brand was founded in 2004, based on the designs around the interests of the Co-founder and his business partners. As their brand is a timeless apparel brand that is fueled by the collective counter-culture of modern trends and the old class. The people at Brixton, in the early times till now, has the extraordinary combination of a talented team of creative who always bring unique designs inspired by the living style of Southern California.

Where Is the Brand Brixton From
Showing Brixton capital office

Initiated with the humble beginning of headwear at the garage, the Brixton brand has now marked Oceanside, California, the USA as their main headquarter. However, currently, this brand has been distributed to 32 countries globally. The best thing about this brand is their quality of material, even with the largest distributor company, this company never compromise on the quality of the material. Sustaining in the business of apparel without compromising on high standards and manufacturing process is their biggest achievement. They believe in quality over quantity thus they even put careful attention to the raw material used during the manufacturing of the product. The focus on classic tweeds and plaids given by the brand, turn their products into unique and bold styles.

Who Is the Owner of Brixton?

Brixton, founded in 2004, is the collaborative idea of three friends, David Stoddard, Jason Young, and Mike Chapin with one motto of conveying the inspiring lifestyle through their unique and astonishing products. Although the co-founder David Stoddard initiated his journey by working at TransWorld warehouse. Apparently, for TransWorld business, he has a brief stint as an art director before settling into seven years of advertisement. During this time of arena, David has successfully developed sufficient contracts along with enough knowledge that could serve him to put a successful building block for Brixton. On the other hand, the fellow co-founder Jason Young worked at TransWorld too and he is the one who introduced Mike Chapin, the third co-founder, and financial wiz to David.

Who Is the Owner of Brixton
Showing David Stoddard Brixton cofounder

With big dreams, strong motivation, and the inspiring idea of introducing something unique to the world, these three gems have pooled together ten thousand dollars each as their initial investment to launch their business.

What Is a Brixton Hat?

The Brixton hat is a classic, yet clean design from the Brixton headwear collection that is filled with the hype of a modern and timeless feel. Hence, their hat collection is a unique blend of contemporary style, inspired by their traditional culture. Typically, each piece of Brixton hat is designed with the true commitment of providing customers great quality products. This way, they give long-lasting opportunities for the customers to hold the products forever.

What Is a Brixton Hat
Showing nine Brixton Hats

However, if you are still not a big fan of Brixton hats during the summer season, then you can go for some amazing collection of gardening hats or running hats for this time.

Time to Inspire – timeless Journey of Brixton Brand Through David Stoddard Vision

Conceived through the vision, once dreamt by David Stoddard during the early stages of Brixton’s idea. The independent soul is an eye witness to every step he took to flourish his decision. The imprints of his vision are still warming and inspiring to people who want to take a risk and give something unique to the world. The consistent range of Brixton is a story in itself that provides a high range of uniqueness in clothing while highlighting everyone and excluding none theme.

Let’s begin with the visionary journey of Brixton through the eyes of David – a flashback of an interview conducted by “TheHundreds”. Together we will discover the hidden chapters of his early times and then take those deeply rooted ideas with us and cultivate our inner potential. From working 6$ per hour to run a millionaire company there is a story of success and failures in a non-apologetic and ever-evolving industry.

Chapter 1 – Initiated From the Bottom

The discomfort of not satisfying what you are doing is a hint everyone once felt in life. This is the changing moment. Hence, it was David’s moment where he wanted to start a brand but ended up with being working as blue-collar labor. Even the wish to have a dream job title as Art director TransWorld’s business magazine, he insisted to work as a team member of advertising sales for TransWorld Business. This way he can meet multiple people to look upon them as heroes because they were brand owners, professional skateboards that can help me in learning and allow me to try my unique idea.

Chapter 2 – Daydreaming to Take Risk

The excitement to have something that you could call your own, anything that solely belongs to you always keeps to in a daydreaming state. Thinking about ownership, my brand for 5-years, I finally give my daydream idea a name, Brixton. The Sooner I get confirmation from Vinny, my friend as the availability of this name as a trademark, my brain started planning further. What we can offer in Brixton, a question that helps me in sorting down during my early stages. So with limited investment, I have to start with something small yet unique and nobody is offering.

I did my art design creativity to give Brixton a logo and marked it on my surfboard and skateboard. This is when Jason Young, my second partner noticed and make me introduce our third partner Mike who was an MBA in finance. At this time, I could sense the joy of vision and idea with the triangle of best people with me. To start our Brixton venture we all put 10k money individually to buy products also to market them.

We know what we want it. So we started with my garage, working in TransWorld during the daytime and Brixton at night. Our initial launching product was headwear with an aesthetic fit – unique with low competition. Launching our first batch of headwear in 2004, it’s time for us to market. We pay for the magazine ads even though I sold ads by myself. I keep booking 2/3rd space every other month for our old timeless and premium photographs of each headwear.

Chapter 3 – Living the True Beauty of Struggle

Initially, with the vision to expand more, we didn’t put “Brixton Hat” on everything neither buy Brixton Domain. We prefer to continue as Brixton. To create relationships with TransWorld, Active Rideshop, and Surf Ride were our initial accounts. They help us in getting our first order. A dream come true moment and luckily we successfully manage to sell hats. Since Surf Ride was our local store in our home town, this helped retailers to start their pre-bookings.

Moving fast forward to endless working to fulfill the requirements of headwear, enable us to think and take us to the next level of expanding the product range. The natural progression of Brixton’s vision reaches to the other stage of manufacturing flannels and then steps into jackets, slowly and smoothly more accessories created their space but all are button-ups and tops. Hence, after three years we finally launched bottoms but under the supervision of professionals who could make the right fittings for pants.

The most challenging part for us to find manufacturers that are ready to work with small brands. This can lead to affect product quality and reflect the brand reputation. But due to no outside investment, we have to take risks while hoping for the best and managing things in the best way at your end. Hence, during our time we had great and poor both manufactures but we managed through all.

Chapter 4 – Local Cultivation

Local Cultivation
Showing the Brixton design team

Not to hire executives and trust our people, our friends to be a part of Brixton is so far the best decision. Although working with friends is challenging and hard but you hire them and help them to grow with you too. Some stay with us, some decided to leave but at the end of the day, you have people to work and bring something exciting and creative.

Chapter 5 – Key to Success, Always Move Forward

The thing that inspires me and turns into my key to success is moving forward. Take a chance, sacrifice different things at different levels, challenge yourself but when you took a decision don’t look back. You watch people around you grow from zero to billion-dollar brands. This process has given me high expectations to hit my potential and move forward and do whatever it takes me to do.

So through my journey, I learned, if you want to change something then be the change. Truly, at the end of the day, regardless of every sacrifice you made, challenge you face you grow with it, bring a change within yourself. From being nothing you can be everything.


Brixton hats are a brand that consists of an amazing collection of trendy hats and other apparel. This brand embarked on its name due to its unique style and high-quality product.

From headwear products to a wide range of clothing this brand stand-out differently in the crowd. Most people know this brand by their products but for us, Brixton is not just a brand but a story of success from zero to multi-national company.

Three friends David Stoddard, Jason Young, and Mike Chapin, initiated in a garage with blind faith in vision and trust in each other helped them in bringing out something unique and modern.

Brixton Hats are one of those inspiring stories that marked everyone’s heart while covering the distance from California to 36 countries to inspire people, giving them motivation and flame their potential.

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